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Thank you for selecting 1040 Tax Services as your online tax preparation partner! Electronic tax filing is the fastest way to file your individual income tax return, allowing you to receive your refund significantly faster than if you filed traditional paper returns.

**At 1040 Tax Servces, protecting your privacy is important to us. Therefore, we make sure that any information you share with us is kept secure. We collect only the information that you share with us in the preparation of your tax documents. 1040 Tax services will not sell or share any of your information with nonaffiliated third-party entities.


The Ins and Outs of IRA Transfers If you transferred your traditional IRA from one trustee to another, it should magically disappear and reappear, all without passing through your hands. If the process works as it should, you need to do absolutely nothing with regard to your Form 1040. However, if you received a form that shows that the money was withdrawn (this would be an exception to the rule), then show the amount you 'received and moved' on line 15a of your 1040 and on 15b report zero as the amount taxable.

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