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1040 Tax Services provides tax preparation services to consumers both in person and online. We have been successfully providing consumer services for more than 50 years from our hundreds of offices nationwide.

Our emphasis is on delivering high quality professional and personal service. We strive to ensure satisfaction with each and every customer experience.

With our 1040 Protect and 1040 Protect Deluxe products, customers can have additional comfort with the tax preparation services we provide. For $15, up to $6,000 of coverage for a combination of tax liability, penalty and interest is provided in the event of preparer error on a return. This is for our 1040 Protect Deluxe product. For no additional cost, 1040 Protect Basic coverage will cover penalties and interest only in the case of preparer error. The policy document should be reviewed for all the specifics.

If you would like more information about our company, or if you have questions or comments about our services, email info@1040taxservices.com.

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